1-2-1 Sessions

Available in East London and Online

Alice is amazing! Not only am I feeling much stronger and fitter since starting our sessions, I understand my body so much more. I couldn’t recommend Alice more , she is an excellent trainer and so knowledgeable
— Phoebe, London

Holistic Personal Training

Alice will help you to enjoy your body again by sharing her secrets on how to improve strength, cardiovascular fitness, endurance and flexibility. Combining this with intelligently using the breath, you will discover exercise to be your greatest ally and completely change your perspective on your body forever.

Alice can specifically help you with:

Developing Core Strength

Increasing Flexibility, Strength & Cardio

Body Confidence

Holistic and Enjoyable Nutrition

Pre-post natal exercise

60 minutes - £55

Block of - £250

90 minutes - £65

Block of 5 - £300

Empowerment Yoga

Make the ancient science of yoga & meditation a practical & relevant part of your modern life. Learn how to unlock it’s power, and rebuild your relationship with your body. By working 1-2-1 with Alice you will cultivate a life long practice & discover exactly how to get the most out your magnificent body. 

Alice can specifically help you with:

Establishing an enjoyable daily practice

Finding a meditation technique that works for you

Harnessing the power of breath work

Improving Flexibility & Strength

Balancing the Chakras

60 minutes - £55

Block of 5 - £250

90 minutes - £65

Block of 5 - £300

Reiki Healing

Energy healing helps to bring you back into alignment mind, body and/or soul. Tuning into the subtler realms, Alice acts as a direct channel receiving and transmitting (via her hands) the energy specifically needed to bring you back to health and vitality. These sessions take place fulled clothes, and can be done with physical contact or non-physical contact.

Alice can specifically help you with:

Physical ailments & illnesses

Stress release and relaxation

Releasing blocks from your life

Increasing energy flow in the body & vitality

Emotional clearing and healing

60 minutes - £55

Block of 3 - £150

Want to split the cost?
Join forces with a friend and pay half the price. Contact info@alicebowmaker.com to enquire.