Find out the most powerful place to live.

In. Your. Body.

This is the answer that Lisa’s Lister explores in her book 'Love Your Lady Landscape' where she focuses on the female womb. However in my experience, the body (particularly the pelvis and organs) overflows with so much wisdom and intelligence -we only need learn how to trust it!

I found myself asking these questions. And more surprisingly the answers that arose lead to even more questions. Is there scope for this material to refine my current offerings. And perhaps you agree?

Why is it not enough to hang out with my body?

Why do I not trust that there is wisdom and insight it?

Why do I have such a strong disconnection from my body?

What emotions are stored in my body right now?

Why is it not enough to hang out with my body?

And yet most of the time we are hanging out in our minds trying to find solutions and solve our unhappiness, when really the answers are right beneath our nose - literally!

From the moment we wake up we are looking for something to stimulate the mind - reading, social media, texting. I believe it is because there is an unconscious belief that the experience of being present and hanging out in our bodies to it is not enough.

Lisa’s Love Your Lady Landscape reveals the true value of our menstrual cycle, helping us to shift the current perspective of it being nothing more than a nuisance in our otherwise busy lives. It divulges a wealth of information about how to work with your cycle and actuallly use it transform your life! In the book we learnt a powerful and simple technique called Womb Breathing, essentially you are breathing into your womb. The benefits of this are that by drawing the energy down to the pelvis or feet we perceive a sense of grounding. This manipulation of the breath and intention allows us to take a step back and gain a different perspective (maybe more helpful) and unexpected insights. I understand that for some people certain parts of the body may store trauma, so be kind to yourself and if it feels to scary to be in certain spaces of the body right now choose somewhere that feels comfortable, such as the feet, until you feel ready to connect to the pelvis.

My version of Womb Breathing:

Lie down, sit or stand

Place your hands on your lower abdomen

Inhale into your pelvis

As you do this feel/visualise/imagine the breath expanding your entire pelvic bowl, and allow your pelvic floor to completely relax.

Exhale relax your shoulders and jaw

Don’t think about this experience, FEEL it.

Repeat for as long as you need.

In conclusion...

When the mind is confused, fearful or stressed, the body (the womb in particular) can be used to find your way back to peace and sanity!

You can see more about Lisa and her work here